microprocessor incorporates the functions of a computer‘s central processing unit (CPU) on a single integrated circuit (IC),[1] or at most a few integrated circuits.[2] It is a multipurpose, programmable device that accepts digital data as input, processes it according to instructions stored in its memory,

and provides results as output. It is an example of sequential digital logic, as it has internal memory. Microprocessors operate on numbers and symbols represented in the binary numeral system.The advent of low-cost computers on integrated circuits has transformed modern society. General-purpose microprocessors in personal computers are used for computation, text editing, multimedia display, and communication over the Internet. Many more microprocessors are part of embedded systems, providing digital control of a myriad of objects from appliances to automobiles to cellular phones and industrial process control.


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  1. Wow … Logically productive . Gain from this article so much, that mystery of how computer works simply unraveled .. nice one bro – ola

  2. It really educative and good to learn from and it also like a umbrella that can’t stop rain but makes us stand in rain and it give confidence and also bring success and also give power to face any challenges in life

  3. wow really nice, after reading the computer article i got to understand better how the microprocessor incorporates the functions of a computer. thanks bro, keep it up

  4. This blog is just amazing. I do like the articles. Nice work, keep it up 🙂 waiting for more reading

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